✔ FREE ACT Learner’s Permit Practice Test 3 2017

Welcome to our FREE resource for ACT learner drivers! This is the page to visit for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of the ACT road rules – especially those who are preparing for the learners theory test. Here you can test your road rule knowledge and become a more knowledgeable driver -- free of charge.
If you’re not completely confident that your will pass the real learner theory test the first time around, then study here. By testing yourself today you can save yourself all the trouble of a re-test later on.
This test is made up of 45 multiple-choice questions. Remember to read each question carefully and use the hints provided if you get stuck.
Good luck and safe driving!

ACT Learners Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions: 35
Answer correctly to pass: 31
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40 correct answers to pass (5 mistakes allowed)
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