✔ FREE ACT Learner’s Permit Practice Test 2 2017

Welcome to our FREE ACT driving theory test! This free resource is designed to help you learn the ACT road rules and get your learner’s sooner. It doesn’t matter whether you are studying to get your licence or whether you already have it; this test will help you become a safer and more informed driver either way.
Our test covers all the big questions such as how to keep your license, when to turn, where to overtake, where to stop, and where to go. The rules tested here may do more than help you pass your driving test; they may even help you avoid a ticket or an accident one day. So test yourself and become a safer driver.
This test contains 45 multiple choice questions. Each question has only one correct answer, so try to choose the best option. Use the hints available if you get stuck and check the explanations provided after each answer for further information.
Good luck!

ACT Learners Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions: 35
Answer correctly to pass: 31
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40 correct answers to pass (5 mistakes allowed)
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