Get Ready For Your VIC Driver's Licence Test Now:

Getting ready to become a new driver in Victoria? We're here to help! On this page we have collected the following resources to help you get ready, pass your learner's or driver's licence test and become a fully qualified driver: free practice tests, this year's official Victoria Driver's manual and an FAQ section! Our practice tests are 100% free and were designed to mimic the real exam as much as possible. Good luck!

Here's What Other Learners from VIC Are Saying:

I am having lots of practice and it’s really working with some rules and signals. Thank you,!~ Panchal Bharti, VIC

An amazing site! I came here every other day and made sure I knew every answer off by heart (Hint button useful to understand the answer too!). I PASSED on my first time! I could not believe it! THANK YOU for making this a success for me. ~ Louise Dawson, VIC

How To Get Your Victoria Driver's Licence:

How Can I Apply for my Victoria Learner Permit? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • At what age can I start the application process for a Victoria learner permit (Ls)?
  • When I go to apply for my Victoria learner permit, which documents am I supposed to bring with me?
  • Where’s the nearest office where I can apply for my Victoria learner permit?
  • What are some ways I can contact my local VicRoads office?
  • Can my parents or someone else come with me when I take my Victoria learner permit knowledge test?
  • Will I receive a physical examination when I get a learner permit in Victoria?
  • Will I be taking a vision exam when I apply for my learner permit in Victoria?
  • Which places can take my photo for a Victoria learner permit or driver licence?
  • Should I avoid certain colors or clothing styles in my photo?
  • Will I have to pull back my hair for my photo?
  • Will I be allowed to wear makeup for my photo?
  • Can I smile in my photo?
  • Any other tips for making sure my photo turns out looking nice?
  • I’ve started the application process for my Victoria learner permit. What’s my next step?
  • My question isn’t listed here. Where can I get it answered?
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