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Getting ready for your Learner's Test in Tasmania? We're here to help! It may be confusing to navigate the 334 islands off the coast of Tasmania, but what shouldn’t be confusing is navigating the path to passing your TAS Learner’s Test and getting your Tasmania driver's licence. While parts of Australia may have some great public transportation, you’re going to need your driver's licence to catch the car ferry to explore Bruny Island and its scenic drives. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to pass your TAS Learner’s Test. First, you’ll find our practice tests, written with the very latest information from the 2019 Tasmania Road Rules Booklet. Each test’s multiple-choice questions are written similarly to those you’ll encounter on your actual learner’s permit test, and licence exam, so practicing until you’re familiar with them is a great idea. If you need to study the Road Rules Booklet, you’ll find a free copy under the “Driver’s Handbooks” tab, along with the latest copies of the Tasmania Motorcycle Riders’ Handbook and the Tasmania Heavy Vehicle Driver’s Handbook. Our FAQ also has all the answers you might need about anything related to your learner’s permit or driver’s licence. As long as you study the handbook and take the practice tests, you’ll be cruising around Tasmania in no time. Good luck!

TAS Driver’s Licence FAQ

How Do I Get a Learner Licence (L1) in Tasmania? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When will I be allowed to apply for my Tasmania learner licence?

    You can apply for a learner licence in Tasmania when you’re 15 years and 11 months old.
  • What documents do I need to bring to apply for my Tasmania learner licence?

    Proof of identity:
    • Option 1 is to bring one of the following ‘Category A’ documents...
      • Australian Birth Certificate (not an Extract or commemorative certificate) issued by Births Deaths and Marriages
      • Australian Citizenship papers
      • Australian Passport (expired up to 2 years)
      • Overseas Passport / Visa (can be expired up to 2 years if accompanied by a current Australian Visa)
      • Australian Photo Driver Licence (can be expired up to 2 years)
      • Australian Firearm Licence
      • Tasmanian Government Personal Information Card (displaying full name)
      • Department of Immigration & Citizenship issued travel documents, including a visa
      • Department of Immigration & Citizenship Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status
    • ...PLUS one of the following ‘Category B’ documents:
      • Medicare Card
      • Plastic Bank or Credit Card, with signature
      • Student Identity Card with photo issued by an Australian educational institution
      • Department of Veterans Affairs / Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
      • Births, Deaths & Marriages Change of Name / Marriage Certificate or Deed Poll
    • Option 2 is to bring 2 ‘Category A’ documents + 1 ‘Category B’ document.
  • Where do I go to apply for my Tasmania learner licence?

    You can apply at several different kinds of locations:
    • a Service Tasmania centre
    • Designated Police Stations
    • some schools (check with your school if available)
  • How do I contact the nearest Service Tasmania centre?

    You can use the contact form or direct email on their website, or phone them on 1300 13 55 13
  • Will I be required to bring anyone with me for my Tasmania Driver Knowledge Test?

    You can bring anyone who’d like to come alone - but you’re not required to bring anyone.
  • Do I have to get a physical exam when I apply for my Tasmania learner licence?

    No, but you are required to let the government know if you’ve got any any medical condition that could impact your ability to drive.
  • Do I have to get an eyesight test when I apply for my Tasmania learner licence?

    Yes, you’re required to demonstrate that you’ve got visual acuity of at least decimal 0.5 (6/12) on the Snellen scale. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, you should wear them to the office on the day of your application.
  • Do I get my photo taken when I apply for my Tasmania learner licence?

    Yes, the office will take your photo when you apply.
  • Should I avoid wearing certain colours when I get my licence photo taken?

    No, you don’t have to avoid any colour - just wear any colours you normally would.
  • Should I put my hair up when I get my licence photo taken?

    Only if it covers your eyes or part of your face. A licence photo is designed to make you easy to identify, so it’s important to show your face clearly.
  • Can I wear makeup in my licence photo?

    Yes, you’re allowed to wear any kind of makeup you’d wear regularly!
  • Can I smile in my licence photo?

    No, as boring as it might sound, you’ve got to keep a straight face and look straight into the camera. This will make it easier to identify you from your licence photo.
  • What else can I do to make sure I get an attractive licence photo?

    Not a whole lot else, really - just look straight into the camera, don’t blink, and try to relax your face.
  • I’m ready to get my Tasmania learner licence. What do I do?

    The next step is to visit a Service Tasmania centre, a Designated Police Station, or a designated school and take your Driver Knowledge Test (DKT).

    After you’ve passed your DKT - and a simple eyesight test - you’ll become a learner driver, and you’ll be allowed to start practising driving.

    However, as long as you’re driving on a learner (L1) licence, you’ll be required to:
    • ALWAYS practice with an appropriate supervisor. If you break this law, you'll lose your licence and pay a fine.
    • ALWAYS display your L-plates on the front and back of the car. If you break this law, you'll lose demerit points and pay a fine. Remember, if you lose 4 demerit points, you'll lose your novice licence
    • NEVER drive over 80 km/h (even when speed limit signs display a higher limit)
    • NEVER drive with ANY alcohol in your body. If you break this law, you'll have to appear in Court to face a Magistrate who will impose a penalty - the minimum penalty is losing your licence and paying a fine and you'll have to start the learner stage all over again
    • NEVER tow another vehicle or trailer
    • ALWAYS carry your licence when driving. If you break this law you'll have to pay a fine.
  • I can’t find my question here. Where can I go to get an answer?

    One place you can check is our Beginner Driver Q & A Section, where our professional driving experts can answer anything you’d like to ask. You’re also more than welcome to send us an email:
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