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Our Exam Mode test is the closest thing we can provide to prepare you for the real NSW Learner’s Test. While Sydney, as the largest city in not only the territory but all of Australia, may be considered one of the jewels of NSW, it’s a shame to not be able to get off the rails, onto the roads, and see the rest of what the territory has to offer. From quaint towns like Bowral to havens for nature (and winter sports!) like Thredbo, there’s a lot of beauty to be reached via NSW roads, and in fact, some locations (like Thredbo during the summer) can ONLY be reached by car. These are just a few more great reasons to study so that you can pass the learner’s test, and eventually get your NSW driver’s license. You’ll find this Exam Mode test has the same amount of questions and the same passing requirements as the driver’s permit exam. We’ve also disabled hints and explanations, as they won’t be available on your real test, and we want this to be as similar to the actual NSW Learner’s Test as possible. Feel free to take it as many times as you’d like, since the questions will change each time you take the exam. As soon as you have passed or failed, this Exam Mode test will stop, so simply take your time, and do your best. Good luck!
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NSW Learners Test Fact Sheet

Number of questions:45
Answer correctly to pass:41
Passing score:91%
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